Kevin Marron
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"...the right medium for your message."

Business Writing Services

Whenever you are putting out a newsletter, a white paper, a press release or any other kind of publication, you need to keep your communication clear, concise and compelling. You have to make every word count in a world of multitasking and short attention spans.

Kevin Marron can help you do this. He can bring the skills of an accomplished journalist and a critically acclaimed author to your project.

His work for corporate clients ranges from composing highly technical case studies for multinational communications companies to preparing newsletters, press releases and annual reports for community organizations. Working with his partners in the consulting firm Policy Planning Plus Inc., he has also written numerous reports for health and human service agencies. This work often involves helping clients develop their communications strategies.

In all this work, the focus is on presenting each client's message in an interesting and readable fashion. One of Marron's key skills is his ability to give clear explanations of complicated concepts or specialized technical information.

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